Monday, November 17, 2008

If Unions are the Cause of the Big 3's Decline, Then Why Are Companies without Unions in Tighter Financial Straits?

Think Progress tells the truth that the union-haters like to deny:
Financial firms AIG, Merrill Lynch, and Bear Stearns did not have unionized workers but still suffered economic collapses. Frozen credit markets and a spiraling recession were major contributors to Detroit’s current state.

UPDATE: Anemic percolation.


  1. Try a more reasonable comparison and you will get the real picture. Non-unionized car companies are not faring anywhere nearly as poorly as the big three which are all hamstrung by ridiculous UAW contracts.

  2. Those contracts didn't just happen, anon. If the GM's bean counters didn't think they could honor them, they wouldn't have reached agreement.

    But, based on the comparison, it seems to me that universal health care would remove the biggest burden GM and Ford have. So you on board?

  3. BTW, Mike, I don't read Roger anymore, since I believe it is cowardly to make declarations without allowing commenters to refute. I mean, hell, there is a moderation mode...

  4. I agree, Mack. And I provided added the anemic percolation link in the update above to comment on the dull-witted logic about me not being an economist.