Thursday, November 06, 2008

Facing South Tried to Tell You

North Carolina is now officially called for Barack Obama. 364 electoral votes is a landslide and a mandate, and Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida are game changers in the GOP's "southern strategy."

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  1. The Southern Dems and Liberals stood up this time. This is a healing for us, I hope it continues.

    We in Tennessee, however, have suffered greatly in this cycle. We have yet another long, uphill battle ahead of us over the next two years.

    We have to keep the truth and make sure people hear it. The Republicans in this state are bad enough. Now we see proof that the Democratic "usual suspects" in our political sphere are just as bad and sometimes worse.
    Bredesen, Tuke, Sasser, Cooper, Tanner and the rest of the Blue Dogshits are owned lock, stock, and barrel by the Republican party.

    We will have to remain vigilant to expose the damage the new legislature will certainly do to this state. We know now that the Tennessee Democratic Party is not working for change. Not working at all in fact.