Tuesday, November 25, 2008

All Crafton All the Time

The reporter at the local Crafton sounding board once again fails to ask important critical questions after a typical string of guttural Crafton gigs at an innocent individual:
Crafton also sounded off on the Honduran refugee who filed the complaint. Quinteros’s attorney David Randolph Smith filed a brief Monday detailing his client’s standing in the case. The brief lists Quinteros as a Honduran refugee, who works in a warehouse and has a child in Metro schools ....

“It’s a slap in my face and it should be in every other citizen and taxpayer that the person filing this lawsuit is a refugee from [Honduras] that basically was under persecution and we opened our arms and welcomed her,” Crafton said. “And then one of the first things she does is file a lawsuit to prohibit citizens from this country from having a right to vote.

“I don’t like that at all and I don’t think most people would. She alleges this would be hard for her to communicate, yet she knows enough about our constitution that she knows what unconstitutional is. She knows enough she can hire an attorney and file a complaint.”
You would think that the journalistic thing to do would be to point out that Mr. Crafton has enjoyed his entire existence here on earth under the brooding wing of a liberal democracy and with the privileges thereof, and to remind him that he himself retained a lawyer and repaid (using his own logic) the country of his birth by bringing a lawsuit against Metro to advance his own personal ambitions at taxpayer expense.

Instead of letting Crafton run off at the mouth unchallenged why can't professionals in the media follow up with questions like, "Mr. Crafton, why would you--being an American by birth, not by choice--begrudge a legal immigrant--who chose to live here over all others--for petitioning the courts when you yourself petitioned the courts and continue to defend yourself with a hired lawyer? How is begrudging her in the exercise of her inalienable right to file grievances not the height of hypocrisy and bigotry against immigrants?  What makes you better than her?"

I don't understand why these are such difficult questions to form and to fire.

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