Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Coddling Lieberman Reinforces the Democrats' Reputation for Lacking Spine and Resolution

The tubes are replete today with news that Democratic Party leadership is prepared to play ball with misbehaving and disloyal Senator Joe Lieberman once again. I appreciate the need to pick bigger battles than this one, but why do Democrats have to reinforce their image as gluttons for punishment who can't stand success? He just going to burn them in the future like he has in the past:

I hope that the new d├ętente with Lieberman is not signaling the beginning of a repeat of the disappointments of the 2006 class of Democratic congressional leaders.

UPDATE: Lieberman's recent deceptions are no different than his effective torpedoing of the Florida recount for his own selfish political gain:

Unless Democrats have some sort of secret spell for turning Lieberman's misbehavior against him and coming out looking strong, then they should cut him loose to visit his sins on the GOP.

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  1. Nothing would please me more than to have the opportunity to slap the piss out of Joe Lieberman before I die.

    That pathetic little Zionist Pig's face makes me cringe with disgust.