Sunday, November 02, 2008

McCain Campaign Says Oil Company Profiteers Don't Really "Work Hard" for Their Profits

There is nothing funnier than Republicans charging Democrats with "redistribution of wealth," when in fact every Republican plan for funding government services and the military involve the redistribution of wealth.

However, in his zeal to defend Sarah Palin's Alaska wind fall profits tax, which redistributes oil wealth to all Alaskans whether they work or not, Michael Goldfarb defends Palin by indicating that the oilers don't work that hard while everyone who gets the subsidy does:
This is not redistribution in the sense of you take money away from one guy who’s working real hard, and give it away to someone who’s not working at all.
That's some real Mad Hatter logic. So, can we just drop the redistribution debate in which everyone is implicated?

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