Thursday, September 08, 2005

Central Precinct Police Report That Officers "Jumped" Two Men Breaking Into 4th Ave., North Residence

According to a report I received from the Central Precinct: patrol officers jumped two subjects breaking into a residence on 4th Ave., North. They caught a male white, 5’8”, 195 lbs, brown hair and multiple tattoos, who lives at 1600 4th Ave., North. I believe that the residence of the white male suspect to which the police are referring is at the Shiloh Apartments, a rundown complex on the corner of 4th Ave., North and Hume, which was also the site of a beating reported on Enclave several weeks ago. The actual address of the Shiloh Apartments is 310 Hume, not 1600 4th Ave., North. A file picture looking down 4th Ave. toward Shiloh Apartments appears above.

The other subject got away; he is a male black, 5’5”, 140 lbs.

Police encourage North End residents to report all thefts and to be on the look out for the male black and this male white (should he make bond) who seem to be roaming around in the neighborhoods.

Speaking of which, this week two neighbors on 5th Ave., North report separate incidents of suspicious people coming up to their doors. One resident reports that a male black with a white cloth hat, 5’7” or so, knocked on his door about 1:00 a.m. on Monday. The man asked for money to buy gas in exchange for some CDs. When the neighbor asked why he had money for CDs but not for gas, the man replied that the CDs were not his, at which time the neighbor closed the door and called the police.

In the second incident, another neighbor reports that a month ago, a male black in his late 30s knocked on the neighbor's front door at 12:45 a.m. The neighbor came to the door, but did not open it. The suspicious individual repeated, "I've got to ask you something," several times. The neighbor asked him to leave several times through the door, but the man kept on saying, "Wait, wait." The suspicious person left when the neighbor asked his cousin to get his gun.

North End residents should stay on guard for any of these suspects or any other suspicious persons coming and going through our neighborhoods. We have some good descriptions of the suspected burglars, and we even know where one of them lives, so be sure and keep an eye on homes for either one of these guys. And, whatever you do, do not open your door for anyone you do not know, especially late at night or early in the morning. If you have an alarm pad with a panic button, be ready to hit it. Call the police if they won't go away. If you believe they just need some help offer, through the door, to call the police or a tow truck or a charity. I've often found that when people who need legitimate aid come up to me, they are willing to accept my offers to call service providers who can help them more than I can. If they are asking you for aid, but they refuse the aid you offer for something that they prefer, like cash that you are not willing to give, then you can probably bet that they are not being entirely honest with you.

If they will not leave after you ask them to, then call the police. But regardless of what happens, please be sure and report suspicious people to the cops. This police chief places a premium on using statistical measures to determine which neighborhoods need police attention. The more our neighbors report suspicious activity, the more attention we will get, which in turn will discourage those with criminal intent from coming into the North End.

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