Monday, September 12, 2005

Local Katrina Fallout: Delayed Construction Projects, Including Schools (Updated)

Adversity caused by the destruction of the Port of New Orleans continues to ripple across the country, including through Nashville.

A Louisiana legislator was heard saying that God helped him "clean up" public housing by sending Katrina. Does that mean that God also halted Nashville's plans to renovate or to build public elementary schools by sending Katrina to destroy New Orleans?

09/12/2005, 11:50 a.m. Update: Speaking of God and hurricane victims, Tim Wise relates his encounter at La Paz with a certain kind of god who blesses the chimichangas of the Range Rover set "while letting babies die in their mothers’ arms, and letting old people die in wheelchairs, at the foot of Canal Street." Wasn't it Jesus who cursed the Pharisees who stood in public and thanked God that they were not like mortal sinners? How can people--who haughtily pray over their food and then sit back and harshly judge New Orleaneans in dire straights--honestly call themselves "Christian," when Jesus Christ taught otherwise?

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