Thursday, September 29, 2005

We Need A Hero, Whether It Be Family Dog Or Hound of Hell

We now have a sentinel-in-training for the back yard; although right now the term is just "sentinel-in-crate-training." And she's making progress; we're on our second day of four without an accident in house or in crate. We adopted her on Monday from "Love At First Sight" in Sylvan Park.

She is a Lab-Shepherd mix and she is named for two of the finest products to come out of New Orleans: "Dixieland Jazz" and "Dixie Beer," but she goes by "Dixie" for short. She's got her name down now and she's "going potty" just about exactly where we want her to, and she's even barking when she hears strange noises on the other side of the fence. Plus, she's irresistible. What more could we ask? (Let's see, I could ask for a few more hours of sleep after getting up to escort her to her powder room several times over the past three nights).

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