Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nashville Bloggers To Appear In Upcoming Commercial

News 2 (WKRN) is making some commercials featuring area bloggers in order promote their website, NashvilleIsTalking.com, which linked the first commercial today.

Here is the direct link to the commercial. Recognize anybody?


  1. Good job. I am officially glad I did not attend that little video get together or else my ugly mug might have been up there with y'alls.

    Wage (at least I think it's Wage) was funny. He looked so put off by the whole process until he got to quote Fight Club. Then, we see happy Wage. Very amusing, to me anyway.

  2. He was a bit detached, but it seems to be a good contrast to the rest of us, especially Jonny Pantz, who seems to be the star (if face time equals celebrity). I think Chris pretty much nailed in his deadpan the ambivalence many of us felt. I'm relieved that it turned out okay. I was kind of hoping News 2 had forgotten about running the commercial.

    We're going to get the inevitable question: Where are the women? None of the women bloggers stuck around to tape the commercial. They were the smart ones.

  3. It's hard to retain any aura of mystery if the whole world can see you on Channel 2. And really, all I've got going for me is an aura of mystery.

  4. That would make you the "International Aunt of Mystery." But WKRN's signal only reaches so far. Some of us, even with the "head time," remain inscrutably obscured as well.