Saturday, September 03, 2005

"Say, do you remember? Ba de ya. Dancing in September?"

What a gorgeous day it was today to get out and away from the horror on the television news for the past 6 days. It was even redemptive to be outside of the on-line mountain of information and perspectives spewing since the last weekend. I just didn't feel like I could pull myself away until news arrived today that finally the federal government is adequately responding, as at long last large contingents of National Guard Forces are arriving in New Orleans.

My shock at the sheer neglect of people held my attention locked to the situation. My utter sadness and frustration simply held me in place.

But that changed today as we packed up the kids and my in-laws, put the top down, and drove over to the East Bank and Shelby Street Bridge. The sun was bright and warm and the breeze was steady and cool. Being riverside has its own soothing, healing powers.

From our stroll on the bridge we could also enjoy the dulcet tunes coming from the Jazz and Blues Fest at Riverfront Park. Jazz and blues are some of the finest gifts and highest art forms that New Orleans and the Mississippi Delta have left us. So, I am thankful to be reminded of my appreciation for the Big Easy on this peerless day, which bolsters my sympathies from this horrible week.

It's been a good day to be alive and well, and to have my family around me. I am grateful for it even as I know that others suffer and die and separate in conditions that didn't have to be as bad as they are.

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  1. Today was definately a day to be out and be with the people you love. I can't tell you how many people felt the same way about today. There was just something in the air, something that got everyone away for just a little while.