Sunday, February 26, 2006

Can I Get A Witness?

Lord, have mercy. One of the better rejections of the Nashville City Paper's front-page melodramatic and overplayed rendering of Salemtown this past Wednesday was left on the Readers-Submitted-Comments section of their website the next day by cvanatta21:
You've bungled a big one here!!!! Clearly you have spent no time in the area, or studying the real area of Germantown and Salemtown. I was warned by everyone 4 years ago about how bad it was, and that I should never invest or live in the area, and that came from east nashvillians - who had no idea, and who wanted their land values to keep climbing without competition. Needless to say - in the last four years, any tagging, violence, etc. has greatly decreased. That area has, and will continue to change, for the better .... I have lived my whole life here, in Donelson, Bellevue, Hendersonville, Green Hills, and Downtown. I currently live in Green Hills, and I have suffered and or seen more violence there than any friends in Germantown or Salemtown have over the last 4 years. In fact, I will be moving to Salemtown over the next few months. I hope you wrote this article in an attempt to get police over there and clean it up, and not out of spite, ignorance, hatred, foolishness, or boredom - because you have done nothing to help the situation - the more new people that move in to the area - the better - and you have just alienated it, and made it twice as hard to continue the great progress in the area .... I am still a huge City Paper fan, but I won't be much longer with crap like that.
Of course, the City Paper never promised on the front end of interviews to "help the situation," although they sure as hell made it seem like they were interested in helping out.

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