Saturday, February 04, 2006

Nosh Notes

I got word from News 2 this week:
  • John "Chappy" Chapman is opening a seafood restaurant in Nashville after being displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Chappy's had been located on the Gulf Coast for 20 years before Katrina. I actually ate at Chappy's a few years ago when I was in Long Beach, MS for a conference. It was good seafood, but you could just about walk out into the parking lot and cast into the surf to catch fresh seafood. With not a beach in sight, we'll see how Chappy's fares in Nashville.
  • Our personal-favorite Mexican food restaurant in Nashville, La Terraza, is in discussion with Sounds management (as part of their effort to increase minority business involvement) to have a food stand at the new ballpark should it meet with Council approval this week. Baseball is a good thing, but sucking down La Terraza's grilled alambres or camarones rancheros while watching baseball would come pretty nigh heaven.


  1. Huh.. where is La Terraza? I haven't tried it..

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  3. Out Nolensville Road nearly to Brentwood; on the right in an ugly strip mall. Here's a map.