Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Last Night's Silliest Moments

Besides Ludye Wallace's failed attempt to defer the ballpark bill last night based on the dopey reason, "two more weeks won't hurt anything," there were few really silly moments like in past council debates. However, a handful of other Council members did provide some material that left me shaking my head.

First, John Summers rose yet again to oppose the ballpark, but he based his opposition on a survey he said he conducted in Sylvan Park a couple of years ago. Hasn't this guy been in enough hot water with surveys of his neighborhood? My worst fear in the case that Mr. Wallace might have had his deferral pass was that Mr. Summers might come back two weeks from now with the announcement that he was working with Metro Legal to conduct a new mail survey of Sylvan Park attitudes about a new ballpark in order to put neighborhood controversy to rest.

Second, Carolyn Baldwin Tucker was locked into the term, "Memorandum of Understanding." While her peers adopted the abbreviation "MOU" in "PUD"-like fashion, Ms. Baldwin Tucker insisted on repeating "Memorandum of Understanding" so many times in her 5 minute talk against the ballpark that I stopped listening to what she was saying just for the sport of counting the number of times she repeated it.

Third, Eric Crafton compared Metro's commitment to pay the Sounds $500,000 per year in the lease agreement with his own hypothesis of building a house on Belle Meade Boulevard, paying for everything, and then charging Metro Nashville a small amount of cash per year to lease it to him. Umm, Eric? We are not inclined to buy season tickets (or any tickets for that matter) to watch you live or do whatever it is you would do in your Belle Meade dream-house.

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