Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Downtown's Small Celebrity Spaces

While I was Downtown scouting out "small urban spaces," film crews were Downtown shooting a music video. Someone named "Carrie Underwood" was doing takes at the corner of Church St. and Capitol Blvd. in a phone booth prop (there is no actual phone booth at that corner, for those fans who intend to make a pilgrimage here to see it). From the looks of it, Ms. Underwood is the country music industry's latest deb.

Mugging for Mike. Ms. Underwood smiles for my camera between takes. At this point I was what the Director called a "bogey" (a non-extra who is potentially in the shot).

Getting ready to shoot. Snow on the ground. Mid-30 degree temps. Ms. Underwood is dressed for summertime, but she's got a space heater pointed into the phone booth. The guy in the blue short-sleeve on the right side of the picture with no space heater is an extra.

Rolling. In character. Sans space heater. Brrrrr.

02/14/2006, 2:15 p.m. Update: A couple of the Carrie Underwood fans among the throng massing to this link today have clarified for me who she is: she's an American Idol winner (guess it shows that I don't watch that program or keep up with popular trends in Country music). Thanks to the fan sites that linked Enclave and vaulted my stats to numbers I never imagined Enclave might attain.

02/14/2006, 4:00 p.m. Update: My favorite comments on one of those fanboards publicizing these pictures are about my Underwood-cluelessness:
casper: ... Interesting that the person taking [the pictures] didn't know who Carrie even was.
ocean18: Yeah that was interesting. How do you not know who Carrie Underwood is?! I love her outfit. I want that!
I will post one more picture that I took of Ms. Underwood at yesterday's video-shoot this evening between 7:00 and 8:00 CST, just to say thanks to all you Underwood fans for stopping by. You all have a keener appreciation for these pics than I do.

02/14/2006, 7:40 p.m., Update: Here is the only other picture I took of Ms. Underwood yesterday that I did not previously publish.

Hanging up the phone.


  1. She won American Idol this past year. Just had her first country album put out after the show.

  2. Mike, this is awesome. Yes, Carrie's current hit single Jesus, Take The Wheel has been #1 on the country charts for almost 6 weeks now. You've made many a Carrie fan proud and I'm positive my members and guests at CarrieNEWS.com will love these pictures. Thank you!

  3. Wow -- Thanks man for posting that info and letting CarrieNEWS share it with other fans of Carrie Underwood..

  4. hey mike, wow great pics! carrie looks pretty hot!

  5. Wow, Mike! Great pics of the one and only amazing Carrie Underwood! She looks stunningly gorgeous in these pics, like always! I can't wait to see the actual video! I love precious Carrie!

  6. awesome pictures enclave! thanx! we at carriefans.com knew she was shooting her new video today innashville but now we have a preview- thanx! Aside- how could you not have heard of carrie underwood? (smile) she has had the number one country album for almost 3 months running now- and she has a great number 1 hit that just went 6 weeks straight at number 1, tying faith hills previous record for Breathe for a female country artist. Buy her album- its incredible! PS she is opening some dates for kenny chesney this summer with dierks bentley- though not sure if its the whole second leg of hsi tour or just a few date/cities. so far- michigan is confirmed and sold out, with carrie and dierks opening.

  7. Thanks for putting this on your blog!

  8. Thanks for the pictures, well now you know who Carrie is! Glad you stopped and took them, can't wait for tonight's this is shaping out to be a much better video then Jesus, Take The Wheel.

  9. Agreed, us at Carriefans r very appreciative that you took these pics and put them on your blog. And even if you are not a fan of country music or of American Idol, perhaps you could still check out Carrie's album Some Hearts. It isn't all country sounding music and even that that is (regardless of me being an avid country fan) the lyrics are simply beautiful. Again, us fans and supporters appreciate you putting the pictures up :-)

  10. Oh wow, thanks so much for sharing these pics!

  11. Great pics!!! I love that she is wearing "summer" clothes for the video. She looks AMAZING as always!!!

  12. Nice pics and yes, your blog will be busy for quite a while! :)

    Everyone at Carriefans.com thanks you for sharing your experience with one of the few female country singers to have a debut single @ #1 for six weeks!

  13. Wow Mike,

    Great pics and info you have there for Carrie fans :D

    Hmmm... I do wonder as well how can you not know or heard of Carrie? Hehe. You are from Nashville? I thought Carrie's all over the TV and radio stations and magazines in America?

    Anyway, doesn't matter now. Go check out her double-platinum album! I bought it all the way over here in Asia and absolutely LOVE it! :)

    Thanks again Mike!

  14. Hi Mike,

    I was going to email you my thank you for the pictures, but I figure I may as well do it here. Yes, I'm also amazed at the traffic my CarrieNEWS.com has received in recent days, weeks, and months. Although, I shouldn't really be surprised since Carrie has managed to inspire and delight many, many people merely by being her down-to-earth sweet self. I think this is an important point to mention: In my experience, I've found true that many fans of Carrie have this affinity for her, not merely because she is an awesome singer who happens to be very easy on the eyes. Many people have found that despite our current culture having some dubious influences, Carrie represents a refreshingly positive alternative. Many fans now view Carrie with much endearment, as if she were family, due to her natural unpretentious demeanor. Yes, Carrie is our current American Idol. And, yes, Carrie is a record-breaking country music singing sensation. But, I can tell you that my reason for being a "fan" is especially due to the meaningful level of goodness and inspiration Carrie brings to our pop culture and to people of all ages. I know many people, including myself, who have found an increased level of motivation and inspiration. I certainly don't want to come off as if I'm deifying anyone. However, I truly believe that God works through people in helping to support and inspire others. Carrie does this by merely being herself and by exuding a spectacular, awe-inspiring presence while simultaneously being supremely normal and seemingly unaffected by her tremendous blessings. What more could anyone hope for in an Idol? For that, we are the ones who also have been blessed!

    Oh, and a huge thank you for these great pictures. My site visitors and members loved them!

  15. Mike, thanks. You should come visit carriefans.com. There are thousands of fans on there that adore Carrie. Her parents and family love this site and endorse it highly. Thanks for the pictures. What a beautiful baby you have.

  16. Hi Mike!

    Carrie's new video ("Don't forget to remember me") is now released. When I saw the phone booth part I immediatly tought about you lol! (Thanks again for the pics by the way)

    Here's Carrie's latest video =)