Tuesday, February 07, 2006

One Demonic Post

Well, this is post #666, which logically reminds me of the last set of tires I purchased a couple of years ago.

While filling out the paperwork for those Goodyears, the clerk at the tire place went out to check the mileage on my Jeep and returned all ashen-colored as if he saw a ghost. He said to me, "I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but your mileage is 18,666! I feel real bad for you. That's a bad number." I didn't have to ask why he thought it was a bad number after so many years of being exposed to premillienialists. I made a quarter-hearted effort to console him, but I gave up and just let him go on believing that either my vehicle or I was somehow the spawn of Satan. I didn't tell him what I should have: "It's just an odometer, Maynard, not the harbingering mark of the beast." The demon on my shoulder tempted me to send him over the edge by telling him that I had seen four horsemen on the way to his place, but I responded instead to my better angels.

Blogger.com does not allow me the option to skip post #666, but I would if I could for the sake of those of readers who might, like the tire man, read way too much into numbers sometimes.

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