Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Christian" Hypocrisy Gores Someone Else's Sacred Cow While Shielding Its Own Golden Calves

Some have a lot of nerve. There's been a lot of whining about how Jesus and a priest were portrayed in the television show, Book of Daniel (which NBC cancelled in response to complaints and low ratings), joined with plaintive cries to portray Christians in a "positive" light. You'd think that conservative Christians would be sympathetic and circumspect when other religious zealots complain about outside depictions of their sacred cows. But no more than a few days after they moaned about their mistreatment, some of the more vocal conservative Christians express nothing but support for caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed despite the sacrilege that is for some Muslims.

And yet the "faithful" complain about being portrayed as hypocrites. Sakes alive.

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  1. Yeah Mike, I remember how Christians were calling for the death of the producers of that show and the actors in it. Yeah it is just the same.