Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Brownstones Eighty-Sixed

I just heard that the developers of 5th Avenue Brownstones (corner of 5th & Garfield) have changed their plans. Rather than the retro-storefront-looking mixed-used development they originally planned (while waiting for people to buy before breaking ground), they intend to build strictly residential in the style of Germantown Court. I also understand that they are not going to wait this time to pre-sale the single-family homes, and that they will start building in the next 5 months.

Some of us were getting concerned that developers were going to give up on that important corner. Good to see that they are going to move ahead. I always thought it was a little unrealistic to expect the Brownstones to pre-sale (they had pre-sold the 1st floor retail space).

HT: Kacy

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