Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Please Feel Referred

If you are looking for help with building or setting-up a computer network in either your home or business, including technical support, troubleshooting, and security features, you can look no further for help than locally-owned Net Works.

We recently bought a beastly new PC from Dell with lots of cool media options and my personal favorite, a widescreen flat-panel monitor that rotates 180° for a long portrait presentation, which really helps on lengthy documents. We maximized RAM and disk space, because this was our first opportunity to go whole hog on a computer and not settle as we had in the past (for the last 5 years I had been working on a refurbished and squirrelly HP PC).

One of the proprietors of Net Works, Benjamin VH, is also one of my neighbors and hosts his own weblog. We made the decision to go with Dell over Gateway after waiting over a month on an order from flat-footed Gateway, and since Benjamin VH is high on Dells, he came on board to help us get the machine we wanted and he’s been available ever since, configuring, setting up, and overcoming any obstacle. He even helped us optimize our wireless signal by replacing our router at a reasonable price.

We’re very pleased with our Dell, and more than satisfied with the excellent service we have received from Net Works. We will be rewiring and tweaking our home network in the next few months, and it really helps to know that a local company--rather than some corporate consultant half a world away or some half-witted Comcast subcontractor twice removed--will be here for us when we need it.

So, I highly recommend Net Works to any who might be looking for assistance with a home or office network. Check out their website, which I am linking in my “Links That I Plug Box.”

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  1. Thanks for the plug! Glad we could help out and make your new purchase that much better.

    Benjamin VH