Saturday, March 25, 2006

Suckers In The City: We're Subsidizing Suburban Soccer Moms Welfare Queens

In 2004, I voted against giving Nashville Gas another 30-year meal ticket. I didn't know at the time that they were making Metro Nashville residents pay the franchise fees of the services provided to Sumner, Cheatham, and Williamson Counties. If I had, I would have also made it my mission to go door-to-door preaching the word that supporting Nashville Gas would amount to paying for some undeserving suburbanite's meal ticket. If I thought for one minute that a significant portion of my gas bill (6.11%) would be paid as an entitlement for gated bedroom estates in red counties, I would have sought converts. If I thought for one minute that my payments would constitute a hand-out for upper-middle-class welfare queens living lakeside to put more gas in their Volvo and Lexus tanks to justify their commuter lifestyles, I surely would have done more than just vote against Nashville Gas in 2004.

We're obviously suckers here in the city. We pay $500,000 extra a year to Nashville Gas to cover the tab of the outlying bedroom communities. Then we get to sit around and listen to those leeches boast about how marvelously more inexpensive it is to live in the suburbs than the city. Well, no wonder it's more inexpensive to live in the suburbs. "Taxes," they tell us; when, in reality it's more like hand-outs to the outer-ring unneedy. It's the land of entitlements out there; and Metro Nashville residents are none other than the suckers keeping that spigot open.

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