Monday, July 17, 2006

12South Neighborhood Association Alerted to Dozier Video Sign Bill

A recent Nashville City Paper article on Buck Dozier's electronic billboard bill, which is up for third and final reading in Metro Council this week, prompted an alert to go out on the 12South group listserv late last week. The alert noted that Dozier has been meeting with certain neighborhood groups and has come up with the idea of restricting full motion video signs to neighborhoods in "Nashville's pre-Metro borders." That would still allow flashing electronic billboards in 12South. The alert also provided council member contact information to encourage 12South Association members to follow up on the Dozier bill.

The North End also falls within "Nashville's pre-Metro borders." So, unless you want one of these flashing marquees near your neighborhood, you might want to consider contacting the Metro Council before Tuesday and encouraging them to reject Dozier's attempt to make the Joslin Sign Company and their clients richer at the expense of our urban sightlines.

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