Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Well, It's 1, 2, 3: What Are We Fighting For?

TPM reports this week: Taliban empowered in Afghanistan, while deterioration and destablization in Iraq mushroom into a full-blown Civil War.

Help me understand again why we continue to siphon and shunt tax money away from domestic programs that could help our own communities in order to continue to fail at foreign policy. Are George W. Bush's choking attempts to "fight them over there" supposed to make me feel any better about the scenerio of "fighting them over here?" I do not feel safer, and my local community could do so much more if tax revenues were ploughed back into domestic initiatives.

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  1. The answer is a fairly simple one, and one Democrats tried to warn the American people about in 2000 and 2004. We failed by debating tax cuts, gay marriage and everything Republicans felt was more important than continuing the success story that was the 1990s.

    This administration continues to "siphon and shunt tax money away from domestic programs" because money spent at home means you have to have a popularly supported domestic policy agenda, the revenues necesary to pay for it, and a recognized Demostic Policy team. President Bush has none of these and no desire to spend money on cops, schools, roads, health care for soldiers and their families, and any of the infrastructure that makes a great democratic society as great as America.

    President Bush's recent victories on the domestic policy front include vetoing funds for stem cell research, promoting an amendment to the United States Constitution denying rights to tax-paying citizens, and defrauding the nation through Medicare. None of these victories increased wages, jobs, decreased crime, health care costs and drug use in America. No, those days came when we were paying the supposedly outrageous taxes under the Clinton Administration. I remember those days... when we had a surplus, the rich were as rich as they've every been, unemployment was low, crime and drug use were going down instead of up. Most any honest wealthy person in America would trade paying the taxes they did in the 90s if only they had the economy, health care costs and the educated workforce that came with it.

    This administration has no domestic policy vision for America other than the vision of companies that do business in defense contracts during wars that protect other company's interest in the Middle East (pipelines, infrastructure, oil) and anything else that can effectively distract people from demanding more from their leaders at home.