Saturday, July 08, 2006

Metro Inmigrante

With the conservative swing of the Metro Council and the recent Republican Party's involvement in Council machinations, you had to see this one coming. My guess is that this is further stoking the electorate fire before the August and November ballot by throwing more red meat to local conservative voters. My question is: will the Council's conservative horde--in order to justify reducing revenues--move to cut any unfilled Metro jobs that were previously filled by the latest scapegoats of the 2006 political season?

As for Council member Jim Gotto's argument that people who break the law should be kicked out of their Metro jobs: could we say the same of Council members who break open meetings laws or who get busted for illegal gambling or who get cited for codes violations because their grass is too tall? The next time a Council member breaks our laws by speeding or running a light, should they lose their jobs with Metro, too?

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