Thursday, July 27, 2006

Her Blog May Not Be Suitable for All Eyes

Kay Brooks writes the following warning after linking Bruce Barry at the Nashville Scene:
Note, I consider the Scene to be and [sic] adult publication. Their advertising may not be suitable for all eyes.
I would be more comfortable with my children seeing a woman's bare shoulders in a laser ad than I would with them reading a lot of conservative dogma in the blogosphere during their most impressionable years.


  1. Are you as comfortable with them seeing the ads for adult services, escort services, etc., etc. in the Scene?

  2. There are no such ads attached to Bruce Barry's article that Kay Brooks linked with her warning. I've not looked to see if those ads appear on the on-line version, but I would not go searching for them, so my children would not be exposed to them.

  3. I appreciate your constant comments regarding Kay Brooks and agree with your viewpoint. But I am baffled about your silence regarding Kathleen Harkey trying to use her influence to give a voting family in her district advantage over other families in the lottery. What Harkey did undermines the trust in the entire process and I find that as aggregious as Kay Brooks' action anyday.

  4. Speaking of Brooks, it seems she can't even garner the endorsement of the "center-right" paper the City Paper. Outside of the DCRP and the Conservative Blogs, does anyone really want Kay on the school board?

  5. ...silence regarding Kathleen Harkey...

    Or silence on Bob Clement's fundraising issues or Parker Toler's views of lawn-water discounts or Pedro Garcia's latest role re: TCAP scores?

    So many subjects; so little time.