Thursday, July 13, 2006

Metroblogging Nashville Offers 100 Things

The good people at Metroblogging Nashville are currently through 50 of "100 Things About Nashville." Three of the bloggers there--Jackson, Kate O', and Wage--live in urban neighborhoods in or around downtown. Have the Metrobloggers missed anything? Go see.


  1. Hey--

    Have you seen Mary Pruitt on Channel 5 News? If not, you should go to their website. They did a two-part story on her involving illegal uses of campaign funds. I'm not sure which of the three is worse: (1) that she broke the law, (2) that she doesn't know the law, (3) the way she embarassed herself when confronted by the reporter.

    There's three more reasons to vote for Progressive Jason Powell on August 3.

    Chad Lykins

  2. Hey Mike, where are your list of 10 things?

  3. I kind of dropped off the Metroblogging scope a while back, Jackson. I guess I am no Überblogger, as I failed to find the time to blog on two sites. Happy to promo your efforts, though. It was a stroke of genius on your part.