Friday, July 21, 2006

Tennessean Editorial Board Endorses Kay Brooks' Ethically Challenged Idea

An editorial in this morning's Tennessean championed School Board candidate Kay Brooks' idea of having private groups pay for School Board laptops, in spite of the idea's potential for influence peddling and conflicts of interest, which I have pointed out. Do you ever wonder if the editors think about the implications of what they write before they publish it, or is this a matter of "just hurry up, take any stance, and get it into print"?


  1. Isn't Dell selling laptops for under $500? It really seems to me that the School Board should lease laptops for the members. It is a small investment that could make a big difference in teh effeciency of the members. They don't need cars or jets or country club memberships of course, but this seems like it would be a reasonable expense for the taxpayers.

  2. There is a disturbing article on Katherine Harkey in the Saturday Tennessean. It appears she was using undue influence in an attempt to gain admission to Hume Fogg for the daughter of a potential voter.

    Will there be any further investigation into this matter? Why did Pam Garrett state in her memo to Katherine Harkey that this matter was going to be kept private? Shouldnt the Board operate with more transparency so the public can be aware of these situations?

    And what is the value of an education at Hume Fogg? In this election season was this an attempt to "buy" votes?

    The public has a right to know the answer to these questions, BEFORE the election.