Thursday, July 06, 2006

There Is No Art to Picking Up Trash

I have only wanted the Sheriff's Office garbage details to come through Salemtown once: when some lame-brained dolt dumped a used toilet at the back of my property instead of hauling it away. Otherwise, I do not need the inmates to come out and pick up the litter that gets thrown in my general vacinity. Even if I do not like it, I realize that "policing the grounds" in the neighborhood is part of my responsibility, and we do not need to spend more Metro money on that.

So, I need a valid explanation on why the Sheriff's Office needs any more money, which they did not request, transferred from the Arts Commission by 14 Council members ("ayes"--Charlie Tygard, Vivan Wilhoite, Randy Foster, Eric Crafton, Ed Whitmore, Ludye Wallace, Harold White, Carl Buch, Jim Gotto, Rip Ryman, Jim Forkum, Jason Hart, Michael Craddock, and Jamie Isabel). You can bet that I'll be keeping tabs on whether or not I witness any inmates making more trash runs in my neighborhood (or anywhere else in Ludye Wallace's district).

And if I do not get quick and efficient response when I do call the Sheriff's Office to haul away something big dumped on my street, I'll know which 14 Council members to blame. In the meantime, I am happy to pick-up litter on my block if it means that the arts can have a little more money the future.

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