Thursday, July 06, 2006

Society Of Secrecy

How can the Tennessean call SOS a "grass-roots" organization when Council member Eric Crafton hides its membership from public view? Try "astro-turf."


  1. To quote the article -

    "Crafton, a 1985 graduate of Metro's Hillwood High, said the group formed to address a "crisis of confidence" in the school system. He said the group stays in contact through e-mail and he won't provide membership information because many teachers and other district employees belong."

    Any comments on the gist of the SOS report?

  2. Which SOS report? The original one or the "modified" one?

    I have my own "crisis of confidence" in Eric Crafton and in the conservative Council horde in general to do anything to reform education. I mean, how can they reform education when they generally ignore reform in their own body? Usually, education reform simply comes down to revenue cuts to that crowd.