Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Another State Fast Track Grant via Metro to Gateway for Parking Lot Expansion

Tonight Metro Council is entertaining another bill directed at the State's Fast Track Infrastructure Development Grant Program: a request to increase a previously entered grant agreement from $152,125 to almost $500,000 for the parking lot expansion of Gateway Pro Partners (a $5.6 joint venture agreement that provides for the manufacture of personal computers).

Tennessee already awarded Gateway Pro Partners a $343,000 grant in February for "facility improvements," and late last year, the Council approved and the Mayor signed a bill accepting a $100,320 Tennessee Department of Labor grant for the recruitment and training of Gateway Pro Partners employees.

It sounds like Gateway is getting a large piece of that $5.6 million it invested back from Metro and the State of Tennessee. Tennessee seems to have a deep corporate honey pot.

UPDATE: Approved by Council on voice vote. No discussion. Council Committees reported unanimous consent.

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