Friday, January 04, 2008

Have You Seen the Video of Sleeping Wackenhut Security Guards?

WCBS obtained video (you can also see the video here if you have trouble downloading at CBS) taken by a whistle blower of his fellow Wackenhut security guards sleeping on the job in a Pennsylvania nuclear power plant. The former security guard--who was not among the guards rehired by Wackenhut after the story aired and the company lost a contract--took video footage for several months of other guards sleeping in their ready room. Before they went to the media, two Wackenhut whistle blowers even reported the salaried snoozing to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which apparently did nothing until the story ran last fall.

So should we be surprised that a Wackenhut guard in Nashville listened to Christmas music while thieves broke a Metro Election Commission window and stole our 337,000 social security numbers or that he failed to discover it at any point later because he did not do his outside rounds? And should we be surprised that Metro Government was unconcerned about these security lapses--or otherwise waiting for experience to teach something--until an ugly MEC story blew up in their faces?

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