Saturday, January 05, 2008

Metro Barely Smacks Wackenhut; Class Action Lawsuit Reaches Farther

The Tennessean reports this morning that Metro's Legal Office is asking private security contractor Wackenhut to pay $100,000 for the $109,000 mailing Metro Election Commission is paying to notify all Davidson County residents warning of Christmas Eve laptop theft (which means, I guess, that Metro rather than the state funds MEC mailings--hasn't the State been conspicuously mum on this matter?). This seem like the bare minimum that Metro should do, and it seems to me that they need to be more aggressive; or as one interviewed lawyer put it, "Notification is no solution. You've got to be proactive and go out there and protect people's identities aggressively." And more aggressive is just what a reported class-action lawsuit being put together against Metro, Wackenhut is. Metro and Wackenhut should be doing more to protect the voters who have been put at risk by their security and protocol failures. If they don't choose to, then they should be forced by the courts to.

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  1. Theres absolutely no excuse for Metro to be so lax in their policies regarding these issue. Wackenhut personell could have done the same thing during their shift, as I heard the user names and passwords were taped to the fronts of each computer. Whos to say who might steal information. This could ruin alot of peoples credit . I have been through this in 2004 and it leaves a permanent paranoia .