Sunday, March 29, 2009

Signs of Overcompensation

Charlie Tygard is about to reintroduce his effort to allow LED billboards into residential neighborhoods. So, what does he do? He rails in the Sunday Tennessean against the visual clutter of "illegal signs." This is not the first time CM Tygard has lead with a pro-"beautification" jab before pulling an unethical sign stunt of his own. During the 2007 council campaign, CM Tygard protested to the Tennessean about campaign sign clutter. Then he put up big campaign banners that encouraged people to "re-elect" him. CM Tygard, who was running as a first time at-Large candidate, had been term-limited out of his Bellevue council seat and could not legally be re-elected.

So, whenever Charlie Tygard sets you up in the mainstream media with distracting jabs about illegal signs, be on guard for an even bigger sucker punch, which will likely be re-introduction of his LED ordinance.

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