Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The rabble's anger is not just "understandable." It's justifiable.

President Obama tries to strike a balance between ending "outsized rewards" of executives and discouraging "the rest of us" from "demonizing" every investor or entrepreneur:

I'm still trying to figure out when the rest of us demonized every investor or entrepreneur. I think the criticism of the extreme, even obscene degree of profit taking has been directly and properly leveled at AIG and other elites.

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  1. Heh,

    Those crybaby pussies on Wall Street probably begged Obama to say something because they feel they're being "demonized".

    Demonized? Those little maggots should be glad we're not dragging them into the streets and flogging them.

    More than likely, Obama is trying to establish their cooperation since there are no criminal charges involved.

    You are correct, my friend.
    None of us on the Left are condemning "all" of the principals. Just the most greed laden of them.
    Business is good. Greed and skulduggery is not. When these pencil pushing sissies learn the difference they won't get berated as much.