Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And AT&T is regulated now?

R. Neal laughs at the TNGOP-backed AT&T bill designed to allow them to be even more inept than they already are. Why should regulations stand in the way of horrible telephone service?

Bad timing for this AT&T customer.  I just got off the third or fourth service maintenance call in the last few months due to malfunctions with our phone line, which they always warn us will cost about $90.00 if the problem is actually in our home (it never is). However, if we sign up for their maintenance plan, we won't have to pay the $90.00 in so many words (we probably would end up paying it over time anyway if we signed up for their service plan).

But objectively, why should AT&T be allowed to raise prices for directory assistance "in order to be competitive"? I thought the whole idea of being competitive was to lower prices. 1-800-Goog-411 offers free directory assistance. How is raising prices staying competitive with the competition? It sounds more like taking advantage of the customers who do not know about free directory assistance before the ignorance window closes on AT&T.

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