Sunday, March 15, 2009

And the government shall be upon his shoulders

While Senator Bob Corker thinks it was plain common sense for auto workers to vote to eighty-six their bonuses, AIG executives giving up their bonuses seem to look to the Tennessee Republican more ethically gray, hazy and dependent on nuanced factors. If Sen. Corker is demanding sacrifice from the people who do most of the working in the market, why can't he demand that those at the top of the power pyramid agree to sacrifice their bonuses with the same lack of regard for conditions that he showed auto workers?

UPDATE:  More on Bob Corker's brand of hypocrisy, Gail Kerr notwithstanding, at TPM:
Have Richard Shelby and Bob Corker held their press event demanding that AIG break their contracts with their overpaid Financial Products workers for their shoddy work?

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