Friday, March 27, 2009

Stacked and No Guts

An Enclave commenter discusses the vote results of the LED task force in passing CM Charlie Tygard's LED bill with CM Megan Barry's blessing:
The vote was 13 for, 1 abstaining, and 1 no.

Neighborhood leader Burkley Allen was the only one with the smarts to see through Tygard's master plan to get his LED signs everywhere, and the only one with the guts to stand up to him and vote NO.

This task force was stacked from the get-go. It did not represent the citizens of this city. The neighborhoods didn't even get to select their own representatives. They were hand picked by Tygard and Neighbors and now we see why. Didn't anyone ever wonder why the meetings were not televised or taped? On a decision with as much impact as this, citizens as well as council members were left in the dark if they could not meet downtown at 4pm when most people were still at work.

The task force was a charade created to give the illusion that the citizens gave their input regarding the issue and that they had a part in an unbiased decision making process. It was nothing more than great theatre with the final script written before the show ever started.

The recommendation from this task force should have no bearing on the decision that the Council makes regarding LED signs.

Considering this task force's recommendation as fair representation of the citizensof Nashville would be asking AIG executives to make a recommendation on the bailout money.

The citizens need to email all council members and tell them, "We do not want anymore LED signs period, and especially not near our neighborhoods."

Our council members need to have the courage to stand up for their constituents and vote on their behalf, not on behalf of a hand- picked group led by Tygard and sign industry executives.

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  1. We all missed the political pay back paid to Anna Shepherd, Charlie Tygard appointed so-called neighborhood rep on the LED task force.

    She voted with Tygard and against Nashville's neighbors on Tygard's bill allowing LED signs in residential neighborhoods in March. In May she was recommended and confirmed by the Metro Council to serve on the Property Standards Board.

    You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.