Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bob Corker Returns White House Union-Busting Kindness with Posturing Hypocrisy

Tennessee GOP Senator Bob Corker must be jealous that the President is horning in at his anti-union whipping post, because he's telling the Tennessean that Obama's handling of GM is a power grab. That takes some nerve as Gail Kerr's favorite Senator has been attempting to oversee the makeover of General Motors for the last several months by helping the auto industry weasel out of union contracts.

I can't see anything but empty symbolism in Corker's overblown protest. His moves against unions and his protectionist advocacy of non-union shops (some of which are lined up for bailouts in their countries of origin; Corker's own beloved Volkswagen was the first German car maker to tap bailout Euros) make him look more like a kindred spirit to Obama's auto industry headhunter than an opponent.

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