Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Denial of Riverfront Plan a "Petty Political Goal"

A Nashville Charrette commenter sees ulterior motives in Mayor Karl Dean's backtrack on the Riverfront plan:
Revising implementation of this plan for political whim - and that is all it is my friends - is not something anyone should tolerate. Yes, the west bank of Riverfront Park is old and tired. It was conceived by the office of Mayor Richard Fulton without public input and discussion. As a result, it has been only as successful as one man's vision can be. Don't get me wrong. I liked Mayor Fulton. He was the right Mayor for the city that was Nashville in the 1980's. But those who work for Mayor Dean long to return to those days of the imperial mayor and craft policy and vision without any help from the people. As Mayor Fulton's vision did not last for long, neither shall theirs.

The future is now and always shall be in the concensus of the people. The consensus of the people and sheer logic (not to mention the deep waters of Corp permits) tells us we need to follow the implementation plan established by the Hargreaves Plan. Yes, that means Mike Jameson might get a public works project in his district under this Mayor instead of the denial his staff so wants to meet their petty political goals. But in the end, it will prove to be a legacy that outlasts such silliness.

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