Thursday, March 19, 2009

A one-sided affair

They'll woo us on the ice, and stiff us off.

As for lack of oversight on contractual obligations: the buck stops with the Mayor, who took credit for a new contract in 2007. The Dean Administration has been citing the economic downtown for other recent policy changes; I would say hard fiscal times is sufficient reason to collect the $400,000 that the Dean/Predators contract says the hockey club owes the city. The Mayor owes it to us to be the enforcer on this score.

I understand that loyal fans don't want to risk upsetting Preds management, but we have got to put priorities like schools and infrastructure in front of sports and entertainment.


  1. Or....

  2. I'm starting a pool on whether this was indeed a huge attorney screw-up (and it couldn't be anything but huge, given $400,000's difference) or this is a-wink-and-a-nod attempt to cover asses so that the Preds aren't on the hook.

    If I am reading the Tennessean's clarification correctly, they reportedly signed a contract and left out a detail which should have set Preds lawyers hair on fire. If true, someone should be receiving a demotion or losing their job over this omission.