Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brooksley Born's warnings ignored by Clinton, Bush, & Obama at America's peril

Did you see Frontline tonight on the low level Washington bureaucrat who took on the White House titans to try to regulate the "dark market" derivatives of banking but lost? Her loss in 1998 became America's loss in 2007.

The entire Frontline episode can be seen after the jump.


  1. I thought that was a great show.

    I've never understood why, for more than twenty years, we allowed someone with an almost religious opposition to regulation to be in charge of regulating such an important part of our economy.

    Markets cannot regulate themselves, they will always take any advantage they can. That's the nature of business. We're paying the price for it today, but it doesn't look like anyone has learned the lesson.

  2. So, when did Obama ignore her? Did I miss something? Clinton ignored her, certainly. Bush too, but she wasn't on bush's cabinet, she was on Clinton's cabinet. That's a great frontline expose though, and I've watched it through, but it's really more anti Clinton and anti Greenspan than anything else, as well as anti bush, cause the blow up happened under his watch.