Friday, October 16, 2009

Distillers Waiting for Council Approval on Marathon Move

Distillery looks to occupy former Yazoo space at Marathon:
Corsair Artisan distillery owners live in Nashville but have their production in Bowling Green, Ky. Owners Darek Bell and Andrew Webber said they want to move the bulk of their production to the Marathon Motorworks building on Clinton Street.

The businessmen said they would like to produce gin, vodka and absinthe at the plant.

Metro Council will have to change a zoning ordinance to allow distilleries in downtown and industrial parts of the city. [jump to video]
The ordinance passed first reading on September 1, but it is not on the agenda for next week's council meeting. It still has two readings to go to be approved.

The Yazoo Brewers have moved to the Gulch, but they are selling their old brewery tanks to Corsair, which will use the brewery to feed their stills.

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