Friday, October 23, 2009

More "Memphis Macho" from CM Joe Brown

That Memphis city council member, TSU alumnus, and CEO of a janitorial service is one salty character, refusing to settle his differences with a fellow council member with a simple handshake. Bloggers must unnerve him to show that much anger. Here's more coverage of CM Brown, who brought his manhood into a debate about whether a blogger should serve on a government commission:

UPDATE: Apparently, Joe Brown does not reserve his macho race-baiting only for those he dislikes. In a strange display of affection for a downtown Memphis developer a couple of weeks ago, Brown referred to his "testicles and balls" as well as his race:
Councilman Joe Brown praised Jeff Sanford of the Center City Commission for "guts, testicles, and balls" in a recent speech about the state of downtown ....

The mood of good will expanded to the pending makeovers of Shelby Farms, Graceland, and the Fairgrounds. That prompted Brown to speak about the importance of innovation to insuring the future greatness of Memphis and to make his weird praise of Sanford, made even more weird by his alluding to the fact that Sanford is white. Veteran council observers — that means me — could not recall the word "testicles" being used previously in a council meeting.

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