Monday, October 19, 2009

Immigrants Losing Hope in Obama?

Has change come? Not according to's immigration blog:

With President Obama breaking his promises to immigrant families and reform unlikely to come by till 2010, right now he is scores a big fat zero on the pro-migrant scale.

Due process violations, terrorizing home and workplace raids and malicious immigration enforcement programs continue under the Obama Administration. Janet Napolitano has promised better detention practices, proposing housing immigrant detainees in hotels, but reading between the lines, this is an invitation for further privatization of the detention industry, thereby increasing the archipelago of detention.

Modern-day cowboys like Sheriff Joe Arpaio should have their wings clipped but instead, the Department of Homeland Security is signing new 287(g) agreements to outsource immigration authority to local law enforcement even after detailed abuses of the program by several counties. Additionally, the White House is extending Secure Communities, which would likely ensnare immigrants on minor charges while increasing distrust in local law enforcement.

1 comment:

  1. These things take time. There are priorities.
    The Illegal Immigrant problem is massive and basically out of control. It's not something that can be done in a year's time. But they will do it.
    Citizens come first, but the system to deal with Illegals will be straightened out before too very long.

    As for Joe Arpaio, he should have his head clipped. Right off the filthy maggot's shoulders.
    I was a guest of Arpaio's once. The man is sub-human.