Sunday, October 18, 2009

CRIME ALERT: Increase in 12South burglaries

From a contributor to the 12South e-list last week:
I just wanted to make the list aware of an apparent string of burglaries on Montrose and the surrounding area between Vaulx and 10th. [One] home was burglarized at approximately 4:25pm on a weekday afternoon, broken into through the back door. The burglars stole all the electronic devices and rifled through the bedroom drawers, probably looking for cash or jewelry. [Police said] that they had been on the street earlier in the week for a similar situation .... there was at least one more burglary in the last 2 weeks.

After looking on the Nashville Crime Map both on The Tennessean and the Police's own webpage, several burglaries come up in this very specific area.

We just wanted to make the neighborhood aware and to keep an eye out for unusual activity. It seems that the burglaries have mostly happened during the daytime.

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