Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Progressive blogger nearly makes cut for Memphis Charter Commission

Several Memphis officials took the bold step of nominating Steve Ross, author of vibincblog (where he writes exhaustively on local government), to their local Charter Commission. Steve was both gracious and real about the nomination and eventual withdrawal of his name, and he even had some choice words for a Memphis council member who questioned his qualifications:
On a certain level, I’m not really that surprised by the result. I’m not particularly politically connected, and I don’t have a great resume. I’m a guy that works a “blue collar” job for a living that just happens to be really interested in politics. Am I disappointed? Sure, but in all honesty, just being nominated is an honor that I didn’t really think I would get.

I am surprised at some of the rhetoric used by City Councilman Joe Brown in reference to me. Invoking the word “blogger” as if it were a slur or a swear is something that I have heard more than once, but never in a public meeting. Councilman Brown has every right to voice his opinions, but in the end, I’m a concerned citizen that uses my blog to talk about areas of concern in my community, as well as in state and national politics. How that constitutes something negative is lost on me.

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