Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Confederacy rises again

Red state Tennessee begins talks to "reassert state sovereignty" by "seeking to repeal" federal authority.

Which of these brave Tennessee Republicans will be the first to argue that all of that federal money rolling into Tennessee to help maintain highways, to round up illegal immigrants, and to help rebuild crumbling infrastructure should be sent back? And it should be fun watching "realistic" Tennessee Democrats of the Bredesen- and Blue-Dog-ilk rationalize how they need to adjust and adapt to the new secessionist conservative climate.


  1. Does this mean we can arrest state Republicans for treason and give them the Parson Brownlow treatment? If so, I'm all for it.

    I love Tennessee. I love the people of Tennessee, the heritage and traditions of Tennessee, the beautiful land of Tennessee, and the rights of Tennessee under the Constitution. But by God my love for America supercedes that of Tennessee.

  2. We'd actually be much better off with regards to highway funds if we took sovereignty seriously.

    Tennessee is a "donor" state with regards to highway taxes. For every dollar in federal highway taxes collected in TN, the state receives back 90 cents. Which raises the question of why we are sending those dollars to DC so they can be pooled, divided, and returned to the states, with Tennessee at a disadvantage.

  3. This is a tiny, highly insignificant issue.
    How it even got this much attention is almost as absurd as the movement it's self.
    They're pandering to the idiots who vote for them and there is no more to this than that.

    Vermont had a similar situation during the Bush erra.

  4. Rob,

    I'm sure the feds wouldn't mind that trade as long as we took all federal spending into account. TN is a net benefactor, receiving $1.27 in federal money for every $1 sent to DC.