Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blogger delves into MCC contractor's history and asks questions the Tennessean will not

Genma Holmes suggests that we may need to take a second look at one of the contractors hired for construction of the Music City Center because Metro seems to be overlooking some real problems:
Clark Construction Group (CCG) will be the general contractor for the MCC project. CCG ... won a contract in a city that has general contractors galore. Interesting .... It’s hard to understand why our city leaders decided that an outside company was the way to create jobs in our city with so many general contractors starving for work. I looked into the Orlando City Convention Center (OCCC) project that was built by CCG who formed partnerships with local companies in Orlando as well ....

I learned several of those partnerships ended in disaster for the smaller companies who eventually sued Clark who was dba as Hunt/Clark/Construct Two and have been in litigation for six years after the construction of the OCCC. In October ’09, US Bankruptcy Judge Michael Williamson issued a 6.3 million dollar judgment against [CCG] ....
In a 163-page order in a case that has dragged on since 2003, Judge Michael Williamson said the joint venture hired by Orange County to oversee the center's construction was responsible for "an inefficient mess" and "an uncoordinated nightmare" that was completed "in the most unproductive way possible."

"Somehow, in what appears to this court to be a state of chaos, a convention center was built," Williamson wrote. [Source]
Who interviewed these folks at Clark Construction Group? Did CCG reveal the problems that were STILL in the news during their interviews? How could multiple lawsuits for not paying subcontractors been over looked or explained away? Seriously, this is scary.
Another scary item to note is that the same Metro agency that hired CCG for MCC construction is MDHA, which hired McNeeley, Pigott, & Fox who overbilled Metro government $400,000 on a $75,000 contract for its PR work. Inefficiency and the lack of coordination in construction could mean our future with Clark Construction Group may get bleaker than our past.

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