Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sponsors defer LED sign measures to have "courtesy meeting"

Burkley Allen reports the latest news about tomorrow's Planning Commission agenda changes to the Nashville Neighborhoods e-list:
Sponsors of both LED bills on the planning agenda have asked for a deferral for both bills so that the two groups can have a courtesy meeting. This means that both bills will be deferred for at least one meeting. The only public comment tomorrow will be on the request to defer the bills, not on the merit of the bills themselves.

Hopefully the outcome of the courtesy meeting will be a single bill that does not allow LED signs in residential or agricultural districts. I think this has the potential to have a positive outcome and is definitely a result of the strong input from the public. Everyone's letters have made a difference.
Neighborhood leaders had been making plans to show up tomorrow and the e-mails on LED bills were running heavily against placing LEDs in residential neighborhoods.

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