Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coal lumps don't compliment pearls

While there may be a lot of venture capital to collect, is there really a net environmental gain in Phil Bredesen's "string of solar pearls" when coal-burning TVA, which is behind the curve on solar financing and leasing, provides power to these green industry producers?

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  1. As a TVA solar power producer I think the utility would be more than happy to increase its solar capacity if there were enough out there. There just isn't.

    I've never understood why there aren't solar panels on every school roof, every industrial plant roof. Every possible, practical square inch of roof space. Every business like Sonic on 8th Avenue should be generating power. Do people realize that they get $$ for what they produce?

    It's great to have manufacturing plants and TN sure needs the jobs but the flip side of this is incentives to get people to put the panels on their roofs and to actually use the power generated.