Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why is the Mayor's cruise director fielding media queries for the District 17 council member?

I've not taken a position on the rising controversy over the State Fairgrounds but something ain't right when a council member schedules a community meeting in direct conflict with a previously scheduled community meeting. And what does the Mayor's office have to do with event coordination in District 17?

The City Paper's JR Lind reports:
While [a preservation] group will be fighting to maintain the status quo — a half-hour earlier on the other side of the fairgrounds, another meeting about the fairgrounds’ future will take place.

Council member Sandra Moore — whose district includes the fairgrounds — is hosting a public meeting at 6 p.m. in Wilson Hall to “discuss the process going forward for redevelopment plans,” according to Dean’s spokesperson Janel Lacy.

Moore did not immediately return phone calls Tuesday afternoon.

Watson said he is “aware” of the other public meeting.

“She ought to be [at the preservation meeting]. It sits in the middle of her district. We are going to have people handing out handbills in front of Wilson Hall inviting them to our meeting,” he said.

The preservation meeting will be hosted by former council member Ronnie Greer and Watson said a number of current council members said they will attend.

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