Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yeah, well, the ad men simply can't spin an aggressive program for the homeless into something as sexy as the Music City Center

What kind of alternative universe would it be if $1,000,000 was spent on marketing the idea of addressing Nashville's chronic homeless issue instead of on hawking the goal of making a niche industry wealthier than the rest? Jeff Woods suggests the Mayor's Office has misplaced priorities:
First, Dean rams through the new convention center for downtown businesses, then he asks people to toss some spare change at this little homelessness problem we seem to have developed. Dean's got it backwards. First, he should have rolled out a bold program to create housing, offer services and improve the lives of our burgeoning homeless population. Then maybe we could have tried this Adopt-A-Meter campaign to raise money for a new convention center.
You know that those paid political consultants would be moving to greener pastures since they can't haul in obscene amounts of money on homeless issues.

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